Who Am I and Why are YOU here?


My name is Erin Chandler and I am so pleased that you are exploring your intuitive!

I am a seeker of truth and an alchemist of grief. A student and a teacher of the soul - a guide for the Great Spirit in us all. I see deeply into the layers of past, present, future and the blueprint of one's soul. I help others claim their authentic, empowered, divinely intuitive self.

Others have called me a healer, a sage, a medium, a psychic, a mystical shaman, a lightworker, a rainbow warrior, a starseed - even the death connector....BUT - the label doesn't really matter - the underlying purpose of what I do, is what matters.

I teach others how to open, expand, master and use their intuitive skills and gifts that are built into their souls blueprint. Everyone is an intuitive - It is an integral part of who you are, just as the mind and the body are. 

If you are breathing, you have built in access to divine wisdom, knowledge and intuitive gifts that are yours and yours alone. I am here, to help you tap into them fully, to remind you who you are, so that you can live your life the way you WANT to and were meant to! 

The reason I do this work is to help empower and guide others to healing, enlightenment, love, magic, miracles, connection, bliss, peace, oneness, unabashed joy, desire, magic and wholeness - Freedom from the limitations of others AND the limitations we have unwittingly placed on ourselves.

All of those reasons, are also the RESULT of claiming this integral piece of who you are - they go hand in hand. I know this because I've lived it. I know this because I went back to understand why and how to consistently and logically re-create a practical pathway for others to follow for themselves.  I know this because I've put it to the test with many from all walks of life.

It is simply magic.         

YOU are simply magic. 

This is who I am AND why YOU are here. 


Erin Chandler is a bereaved mother, Intuitive guide and healer, a psychic medium, author and teacher.  Residing in Ontario, Canada with her children, Chandler is passionate about spirituality, healing on the grief journey and teaching others how to connect with divinity on their own.

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