Alchemy of Grief SPRING Intensive 2023 - Grieve, Release, Connect

Alchemize your grief AND connect clearly with your loved one in Spirit!

In keeping with the seasons of Mother Earth, the Spring Intensive Alchemy of Grief begins March 27th. For seven weeks you will be immersed in all things healing, Spirit, your loved one and transcendence of deep sorrow.

Here's what you will be doing:

  •  Every week we meet LIVE for grief & mediumship sessions with your loved ones & ascended masters - Spirit is your life line!
  • Easy, step by step online classes, leading you through the process of alchemizing your grief AND connecting to Spirit - that you can access any time.
  • Establish a clear and consistent connection with your loved one, that moved beyond the disconnection and the grief.
  • Remove the doubt and the fear, with practical and tangible tools that strengthen your knowing.
  • A step by step guide and workbook, The Alchemy of Grief & the art of Connecting with Spirit to further your soul expansion and connection.
  • Energy healing, intuitive guidance and meditations that take you through the layers of grief and into connection, divinity, and peace within.
  • An online community of heart centered souls where you are safe space to express your truth, your heart, your grief, and of course, the wonder and magick of your loved one & spirit.

Beginning March 27th, for seven weeks, with LIVE sessions every Wednesday at 3pm EST, you are going to connect WITH your loved ones. In just seven weeks, You are going to begin alchemizing the deepest layers of your grief into connection and purpose and peace. When their spirit & your spirit connects, a synergy and quantum leap happens that brings you into deep healing, alchemy of the heart and great soul expansion.

* Please note:

Space is limited for the Spring 2023 session, please enroll by March 11 to get 50% off and secure your spot.

This program is not intended to replace medical help or clinical psychological counselling, in any capacity.

The Alchemy of Grief Program is ONLY offered two times per year, moving with the natural energy of the Spring and Fall equinox.

What People Are Saying:

"This program literally changed my life and EVERYONE needs to know about this program and connecting! I can't believe how much I've grown and changed during this time!"

Susan S.

"Erin is like a magician to me. A magician who made me work hard. A kind, caring, brilliant, giving shining star. I started working with her just before the first anniversary of my son's death and I have been to many therapists in my life and I had been to two grief counselors after my son passed away. NONE of these helped me in the tremendous way that Erin did. Erin is a tremendous healer. She carries a gift. I will be eternally indebted to her. Thank you Erin!"

Michael K.

"Erin is an electrical conduit that you are able to plug into and receive all types of energy and insight from. She has a rare gift that she is able to share with others and in the most positive, uplifting manner, helps them better understand the meaning and purpose of their life now. You will end sessions with Erin feeling stronger, more grounded and happier."

M. Mason

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