Whether you've just started to explore intuition and Spirit OR you are already using some of your magic but want more - This is for you!

Using practical methods and tools that help you understand HOW to open and enhance your gifts, you can tap in to Spirit consistently and with clarity and ease!




When you open your gifts through this course, you receive clear and understandable guidance so that you can ACT with clarity, conviction and purpose, without doubt! Clarity equals Peace.

The universe, Spirit, God and your guides are always there to light the way for you.





Doubt and fear squash the majority of our dreams, wishes, and magic. When you use these practical and consistent methods, you can connect effortlessly.

Your confidence in yourself, your intuition, and your relationships skyrockets when you claim this piece of yourself. 


Step into your true Spirit's magick and own your life.


Think about the trinity of mind, body, soul and the sacredness of each of these pillars that make up your foundation - the whole of you.  When you claim your God given intuitive gifts, you are claiming ALL OF YOU. The intuitive path is a part of who you are and when you decide to open and own this part of you - that's when pure, divine, magick happens!

In this life changing community immersed in all things Spirit for nine weeks.

With weekly calls and over twenty five online in depth intuitive classes, along with  a community of like minded divine beings that are opening, expanding & honing their light gifts too! Here's how and what we are doing this December!

-Uncovering your unique way of connecting and receiving intuitive guidance because no two people are the same!

-Learn clear and practical methods to consistently tap into your higher self for crystal clear guidance on your path.

-Understanding how energy really works and how to sense, clear and shield your own energy.

-Learn to discern clearly what is Spirit, what is you, what is someone else's energy and how to transmute any dark, dense or negative energies, easily and confidently.

-Hone your mediumship frequency with easy step by step exercises to open and hone your divine connection.

-Expand your psychic skills and learn to clear psychic debris from the world around you.

-Own your empathic gifts so that they feel like an actual gift instead of a burden.

-Activate and expand your 'clairs' and understand the role they play in how you receive guidance from Spirit.

-Connect with your Guides who are waiting to support you, lead you and help you align with your soul's purpose and blueprint.

When you OWN your sacred wisdom and intuitive gifts, you naturally step into your connection, clarity and confidence  - That's when magic, synchronicity, your desires and your purpose all fall into place effortlessly.

You are your purpose, and when you honor this, your mission and life path unfold naturally and with clarity.

Click below to OWN your Intuitive this Winter 2023! Hurry though, space is limited for this session beginning January 11, 2023

OWN your Intuitive gives you the foundations to consistently connect with your higher self & universal guidance.

OWN your magick - OWN your life!



Be prepared to meet kindred spirits here.  Be prepared to be welcomed and honored for who you are.  Be prepared to feel more comfortable in your own skin than you've every felt before. Be prepared for your relationships to shift and change for the better. Be prepared for the most ridiculous, jaw dropping, sparkly, feel good, magical things to happen!  I am always awed by the transformative power of Spirit when I offer this program.

Join us and step into your most empowered self and OWN your Intuitive!