Anchor your Light NOW!

Are you feeling the unsettled energy and shift in the collective consciousness? The messages have been loud and clear - WE ALL NEED TO HEIGHTEN & MAINTAIN OUR FREQUENCY to help the consciousness shift right now! Join the 21 day Guided Spiritual Expansion so you can EXPAND, AMPLIFY and EMBODY your highest frequency right NOW!


We are in the midst of the Great Awakening and this can often leave us feeling heavy, frustrated, alone and confused about our purpose and mission - You are not alone!

Quantum Spiritual Clearings dive deep into your soul blueprint and mission, releasing contracts & removing implants, all while clearing your energetic fields -mind, body & aura- Recalibrate, Align & Activate- It's time!



All the tools come out of my toolbox in these private  intuitive readings - Psychic Mediumship, grief & energy work, wisdom of ancestors, spirit guides & loved ones. Even the spirit of the living people around you sometimes show up and share purpose and understanding with you! This is not your ordinary kind of medium reading!

Get the clarity, healing, guidance and validations that you need in these sessions with Spirit!



Awaken and hone your psychic and intuitive senses, so that you can step into your purpose and shine your light! There is no clearer vision than that of Spirit. And there is no clearer pathway to consistently tap into your gifts than this!

I've explored, taught and honed over a hundred classes to give you a roadmap to accessing & using your spiritual gifts! Subscribe to our email list & I'll email you when the next classes open for enrollment so you can learn how to OWN your intuitive and master your energy too!


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What happens when you tap into your intuitive gifts?


Everything comes alive around you, leading you, pointing the way effortlessly to your next step on the journey - Synchronicity abound and awe inspiring connections guided by the divine!  There is no logical way to explain the magic that happens when you work with Spirit!



Knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing Spirit and your loved one beside you every step of the way. There is NO greater peace, security, safety and confidence than knowing you are held in the hands of the Divine every moment of every day!


Imagine being able to confirm, validate or ask for help, guidance and direction any time you choose from your loved ones, guides, angels, the Creator - AND getting a clear and concise answer! This is what happens when you step into your intuitive side.



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