The universe knows exactly where you're at and what you need!


So let's tap in to all of this guidance from our ancestors, spirit guides, animals, ascended masters, council of light and our passed on loved ones in Spirit!  All of our answers, clarity, healing, direction, understanding and connection lie in the masterful web of all creation, just waiting for the opportunity to share with us - to make our journey lighter and brighter for the mind, the heart and the soul.

My job is to listen and relay what messages, inspirations, confirmations and directions Spirit has just for you. And Spirit takes care of the what, the where, the who and the why. So what are you waiting for?

Lets get you scheduled in for your meeting with Spirit and your destiny below!

Let Spirit love you, nourish you, heal you, guide you and align your energy with your soul's deepest desires and miracles that are meant only for you!

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We all need guidance sometimes, whether it's deciding to go right or left, to leave someone or something behind, or needing help to navigate through a heavy time - Spirit has got your back!

I channel spirit guides, angels, the council of light and of course loved ones passed - All of these energies, beings and souls, come to clearly light the path in front of you, so that you may have clarity and a greater understanding of your own life journey, past, present and future.

Validations are thought to be the cornerstone of mediumship. They confirm that our loved one is truly with us and allows the conscious, logical mind to open and receive the messages.

All manner of incredible validations of past and present happen in these readings - Whether it's confirming what you were doing this morning, or an object that is dear to your heart, a song, current pressures in life.

Spirit ALWAYS delivers validations!

The most profound healing takes place when we are witnessed and validated by another AND by Spirit and your loved ones. And Spirit always knows exactly where you are at and what you need!

One of the greatest skills I have been humbly graced with is the ability to see what and where someone needs grace, love and healing. It is sacred reverence for one's life experience and why my client's always feel better in ways that can't quite be put into words.

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