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Out with the old and in with the new!

Feb 06, 2024

 The month of February is bringing rapid movement, shifts and changes, internally and externally that is giving us a STORM WARNING advisory!  Storms aren't always bad, sometimes they are really really good. And this one feels like it brings really great things with it, because of it, and divinely designed for us!

 “If you want to start something new, you have to stop doing something old.” 

This quote by Peter Drucker hits the nail on the head for me in this fast paced energy of February. And while this statement makes perfect logical sense, when I look at it backwards, and insert the word BE, I suddenly realize with jarring clarity, what and where I’m hanging onto the old, the familiar, what I know versus leaning into what I don’t know yet. You read the statement backwards and see if you notice that the old gets even clearer, like how you got where you are, and what you need to change or let go of. Can old and new programs operate at the same time? Or do they keep us in a state of frustration with one foot in and one foot out? Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

 You have to stop doing something old, if you want to start BEING something new.

In other words, we have to STOP doing, that which creates the old way of being that doesn’t feel good anymore. Something that is old, that we’ve done for years, old ways of thinking, feeling, doing and being that does not align with where we want to go. 

It’s the energy of being done with half fulfilled lives, or always choosing others instead of ourselves, or noticing how we are trying to always keep the peace, when sometimes keeping the peace results in prolonged disorder and imbalance and disturbs our own peace in the process! Maybe you’re feeling done with settling, or choosing to be only half of you for the comfort of others at the cost of your own comfort OR discomfort. Whatever it is your wanting less of or more of, sometimes a divinely designed planetary electrifying storm shows up to help us do just that! 

With a new moon this week in Aquarius, on the heels of Pluto arriving in Aquarius last month, we are clearly going to be feeling the storm that shakes the old and illuminates them for what they truly are. Yet, this is also an energy that sets us up for the new things we wish to be, do or have AND show us what we need to let go of in order to do that something new!

And these major shifts will be felt all month bringing swift changes and transformations, as it’s intended to bring us into integrity with ourselves. It’s a force that is asking us to be unapologetically and authentically more of who we are as individuals and not dim our lights to be like others or to fit in. Perhaps this is the kind of storm that is divinely timed to bring us back to the core of ourselves.

After all...I came here to be all of ME - not YOU.

And you came here to be all of YOU - not ME.

These are powerful undercurrents of the energetic storms that disperse what we no longer need. These are the energies that will leave us in the aftermath of the storm, feeling more whole, with a fresh new perspective, and a stronger feeling and sense of self and clarity.

In this way, the storms are for us. Divinely designed to amplify any energies that need to be stripped down or pulled away from us, because it is weighing us down, not ours, or was asking us to be less than. It is the sheering off of the dead branches that sap our energy, which then allows the space and breathing room for more nourishment to go to the new growth and healthy branches. 

One might consider these current storms of energy, a pruning of their energetic fields, mind, body and spirit. A cutting away of that which staunched our creativity and energy. And once it has been pruned, 

we will be able to breathe again - But this time, we will breathe deeper and fuller into the depth of our beings, with an ease and flow that we haven’t felt in a long time.

Sometimes I love storms and the electricity of the energy.  And sometimes I hate storms and I want nothing more than for them to go somewhere else and bring back the sunshine. The interesting thing about facing a storm, is that you can face it with FEAR or you can face it with excitement. Thoughts and fears and not wanting to change will always make the storm scary, hard and filled with internal suffering, that is inevitable.

BUT WHAT IF you understood these storms are being generated to remove the stuff you don’t want or need anyways? What if we looked upon the storms that grace our doorsteps and stood in the eye of it, recognizing it is going to free our energy, our minds, and balance things out? 

What if we looked at it from this perspective?

That what I’m letting go of, is bringing me to what I want.

That the storm is simply the shaking loose the dead things.

That this storm is giving me what I truly desire, through removing that which hinders my desire.

What if we let ourselves stand in the eye of storm and see that?

What if we got excited and felt the charge of the storm and just allowed it strip away the deadened, the old, the no longer needed.

Would you be excited for the storm if you knew it would bring you treasure? 

Would you be excited for the storm if you knew it was divinely inspired to inspire you?

Would you be excited for the storm if you knew it brought you freedom?

And if you did...

Could you thank the storm before it even passes through, feeling it coming, yet with a knowing that this too shall pass?

Could you feel yourself quiver at its drawing near, yet allow to be the shaped instead of the shaper?

Could you let yourself feel the exhilaration of just letting go of control while it whips around you, knowing you will be standing taller after its shaped you? 

Could you trust the storm? Could you trust you?

Some storms come to show you who you are and what you’re already made of. Some storms come to release you from all that isn’t you. And some storms come to show you, that you can trust yourself again.

May any storm which you face, be met with grace and flow.

May the rains wash clean your sorrows and troubles.

May the wind blow clear your mind and energy.

May the old be carried out with the storm and the new be left in its wake.

May you be left standing stronger, clearer, and more whole than you have ever felt before.

Blessed be.

Happy new moon in Aquarius beautiful souls!



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